About My Latest Dream,

I dreamed that I was in a huge maze. I was surrounded by people I know. In my dream I was trying to figure out something. I think everyone played a different part in my dream. So far it was entertaining. I have had a couple like that. I guess I was trying to figure out something.

February and March….

I got to see some of my friends more often these months. I have more and more friends now. One of them got me into watching movies and playing games and the other one got me into scrapbooking. She brought her baby over and let her play with a paper that is shiny, she liked it. It was neat to see her look at our dog and look at us. Her mom played raspberries at her, the thing where someone blows air through their mouth and says ppth raspberries. Her daughter loved it. I think next time I will ask my friend if she wants to have tea. She brought me a tea cup a while back for my b-day. It said something about our being good friends. I have been going to the lake with my guy friend and we took his puppy with us so he could get a walk, we went on the trail with him. Today is Easter, I got to watch some movies today with my friend. I watched some tv cartoons also. We had an ice cream cake too to celebrate Easter.

January 2016

I made shirts for the new year. I wrote happy new year on them with sparkly paint. It came out nicely. I haven’t worn them yet, but I will soon. I also started exercizing a few weeks ago. My friends from class bought me a calendar with pictures of a garden and outside landscapes like a picture that was drawn and colored. I liked it a lot. I decided to listen to different music this year that is more positive. I have several music things that I like. Mostly now, I want to listen to Christian and ambient music. One of my friends told me she has been drawing. Now, I think I would like to draw too. I decided to make a Valentine’s poster for February even though I am single. I might even make one for my friend. I got some cards that were funny with animals for my friends for heart day. I know what else I will do it will be a neat thing that I haven’t done for them in a long while now.

School Stuff….

I wrote about work vs. luck in my English class. It was a good topic to write about. Now, I feel better about it. If I had to write about something else, it wouldn’t be as good. I wonder what my next essay will turn out like.

What Has Been Going On-Date Nov. to Dec. 2015

I put together some stockings this year for Christmas to pass around. I also put names of people on them. I put candy and small gifts in them. I also got some tins together to pass out to people. This year, I put up some figurines up in the window of houses to decorate it to look like a small city. I put green and white lights in my room. I am reading about a monkey now. I like monkeys. I made some bookmarks a few months ago. I am also making some crochet things too.




































About My Friend From Work….

I have a guy friend from work that I have met. We are good friends. He adopted a puppy into his life recently. Someone left him and a lady picked him up. His name is Todd. It is very playful, the puppy is a bird dog. He has white fur with some brown on his head. I brought him some toys, and we all went to the lake to let him run around. The puppy seems to like to be outside. When we went along a trail there, he would run away from us, and then run back up to us. He was super fast. I found a couple of clam shells out there also. The first day we went there, we drove down a path in my friend’s truck with the puppy in the truck bed behind us. He seemed to like to ride around with us.

Continued, A Journal of My Life; September-October 2015

I got busy with school again. I am taking basic math and English. I covered all kinds of topics in math, also, I met some of my old friends in there. I wrote about how to relate to people in English, I also wrote about one of my first jobs. I worked at an adult day center. I would make copies of things, and I would help take care of the older people and spend time with them.

I recently started scrapbooking again. I also started collecting stamps, and quarters more. I am going to make a book of everything separately. For Harvest, I will be a brown bear. I have a furry vest and arm warmers, paws, and a bear hat. I can’t wait. I also am dressing my dog up to be a skeleton. I bought him some sweaters to wear when it is rainy.