February and March….

I got to see some of my friends more often these months. I have more and more friends now. One of them got me into watching movies and playing games and the other one got me into scrapbooking. She brought her baby over and let her play with a paper that is shiny, she liked it. It was neat to see her look at our dog and look at us. Her mom played raspberries at her, the thing where someone blows air through their mouth and says ppth raspberries. Her daughter loved it. I think next time I will ask my friend if she wants to have tea. She brought me a tea cup a while back for my b-day. It said something about our being good friends. I have been going to the lake with my guy friend and we took his puppy with us so he could get a walk, we went on the trail with him. Today is Easter, I got to watch some movies today with my friend. I watched some tv cartoons also. We had an ice cream cake too to celebrate Easter.