January 2016

I made shirts for the new year. I wrote happy new year on them with sparkly paint. It came out nicely. I haven’t worn them yet, but I will soon. I also started exercizing a few weeks ago. My friends from class bought me a calendar with pictures of a garden and outside landscapes like a picture that was drawn and colored. I liked it a lot. I decided to listen to different music this year that is more positive. I have several music things that I like. Mostly now, I want to listen to Christian and ambient music. One of my friends told me she has been drawing. Now, I think I would like to draw too. I decided to make a Valentine’s poster for February even though I am single. I might even make one for my friend. I got some cards that were funny with animals for my friends for heart day. I know what else I will do it will be a neat thing that I haven’t done for them in a long while now.

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