About My Friend From Work….

I have a guy friend from work that I have met. We are good friends. He adopted a puppy into his life recently. Someone left him and a lady picked him up. His name is Todd. It is very playful, the puppy is a bird dog. He has white fur with some brown on his head. I brought him some toys, and we all went to the lake to let him run around. The puppy seems to like to be outside. When we went along a trail there, he would run away from us, and then run back up to us. He was super fast. I found a couple of clam shells out there also. The first day we went there, we drove down a path in my friend’s truck with the puppy in the truck bed behind us. He seemed to like to ride around with us.

Continued, A Journal of My Life; September-October 2015

I got busy with school again. I am taking basic math and English. I covered all kinds of topics in math, also, I met some of my old friends in there. I wrote about how to relate to people in English, I also wrote about one of my first jobs. I worked at an adult day center. I would make copies of things, and I would help take care of the older people and spend time with them.

I recently started scrapbooking again. I also started collecting stamps, and quarters more. I am going to make a book of everything separately. For Harvest, I will be a brown bear. I have a furry vest and arm warmers, paws, and a bear hat. I can’t wait. I also am dressing my dog up to be a skeleton. I bought him some sweaters to wear when it is rainy.