Gym Day In My Teens….

I remember when I was in Jr. High. I went to my gym class and we had a day where we played a lot of different things together

for fun. We played tennis, ping-pong, croquet, basketball even. That was a great day. I can’t forget it now. I enjoyed it. Most of the games required partners, but it was a lot of fun. I think back now about it and remember that we spent all day in the gym then. Never underestimate excercize.

A Unique Day In My Teen Years….

In my teen years, I went with my family to a store that sold fresh snack cakes and pastries. It was called Hostess store. I remember how much fun it was to go over there. We came across it one day and then later on we went back to it. We found

some pretty good stuff there. It is in Del City, down Sunny Lane road. We bought us a whole bunch of stuff when we went over there. It is still a fun memory.

Some Fun Experiences When I was Very Young….

When I was really little, I went to carnivals with my family. I also went to vacation bible school. I got to make friends and also I got to get a snack and learn things from the bible. I had a good time with the other kids. They had made puppet shows for us.

They were Christian. I remember how much fun it was. They made homeade ice cream for us and it was very good. We had a time outside and we played games as well. All the classes were decorated. It was a lot of fun.

A Ride We Went On A Couple Years Ago….

About four or five years ago, me and my brother and our grandparents went to Branson, M.O.

We went to a place called Silver Dollar City. There was a rafting ride that we went on. I enjoyed that.

We were in a little cave, and it was like a river. It was a neat thing to do. I remember that day. We

got to raft through the water.

My Uncle Mark Visiting….

When I was little, I was able to visit my uncle Mark. He came over to see my mom and my brother and me. We would talk and listen to music. Mark would bring chocolates over for my mom. He was a friendly person. One time I went with my mom and him out to eat. I remember now what we all did, we got us a big hamburger and ate it. We joked around quite a bit.

Things I Used To Eat and Drink….

When I was a child, some things I used to snack on were fruit juice bottles, they came in a plastic container. I also would eat cookies and cream candy bars. Sometimes flavored soda pop. I liked the orange and the creme soda the best. I always wanted to find me some. I drank root beer on occasion. They had these blue shark gummies that I ate when I was younger. My brother ate gummy worms. Sometimes I would try to get a ice cream cookie bar, it had cookies on the outside of it. They were pretty neat. We could walk to the store because it was pretty close to our house. Some other things we would eat were cheese and crackers, ice cream bars, macaroni and cheese, we ate a lot of sandwiches when I was younger. 

My Grade School Boyfriend….

When I was younger, a lot younger. A guy asked me out. I was only 10. I said yes, not knowing any better. He got me a butterfly ring with sparkles on it. He was so fun to be around. We knew each other for quite a while, though we were really good friends.  We did a lot together in the coming years. One time, we had a dance at the school and I went with him as my partner. It was a square dance. We had fun then with that.

My Second Job….

This is what my second job was, I took care of some older people for a while. I helped them to get their lunch. I visited with them also. I did some filing. This was a couple years ago. We got to go on a trip together for a holiday. We made crafts. I think we were getting to see some friends. I was able to excercize with them and to make things for gifts. We were also able to visit which was neat. Some of them were pretty active for their age, though some weren’t as active.

Something I Did With My Family….

A few years ago, I went with my family to a festival. It was a pastry festival. They had many different kinds. I enjoyed that very much and so did they. We also got to see a parade. There were many dancers before the parade. They had some slow dances that were fun to watch. They had different colors on, and they danced together. I greatly enjoyed watching them dance. I remember them now. Some of them even had streamers. That was a few summers ago. We bought us some Caloches. That means “danish roll.”

When I Learned How To Drive….

Shortly after I turned 16, I started driving. I drove with a guy that trained me. I went with him for a week so that I could

learn to drive. Now I have my licence. I got my liscence on the first try. There were many other people with me that day.

I lived in a small town then. I still live there, but it has changed. It was a pretty neat experience for me.