One Of My Favorite Shows Of All Time….

I enjoy the dancing show called So You Think You Can Dance. It is all about dancing and dancing with a partner mostly.

I have seen it for a couple years, the people do many different dances. It is very entertaining because it is many different kinds of dances and things. I don’t get tired of it. It comes on every Wed. and Thur. at 7:00. There are many very talented people on the show. I have wanted to be a dancer when I was younger. It would be so much fun. Watch them with me. They are on channel 25 or 12 I believe depending on if you have cable. Have a good day.

Some books I used to read….

I remember reading some books that were like a mystery series. When I was younger. 
The books were about girls that were trying to become friends and explore their surroundings

and get to know people. There was one, where a girl was dressed up and she tried to hide. 

She was helping some other people out to figure out a mystery. I won’t forget that book. 

About my old backyard….

We had these fern plants on the side of my house where I used to live at. I had 

a lot of fun outside. I enjoyed being outside. We had fun. We would stand and 

watch outside when it would rain. I remember that. It would rain quite a lot