Activism is a way to help people by acting to support a cause. Most of the time it is a cause

related to rights or important local issues. It can also be a worldwide issue. It depends

on the activist’s choice. Activism is a good way to meet people and work with them on

the same issues you are concerned with. I think that we need more activists.

What to do:

With activism, you can choose any topic that needs to be worked on and you

can help that cause by signing petitions for it, and also by sending them to

friends and family. Some other things you can do about it, are research it and

write letters to your Governors to gain support for that issue. It takes some

research but it is worth it in some cases.

Also, you can support a cause by building your own network. I think that

is a neat thing to do.

God bless and peace be with you.

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