Understanding relationships-trying to understand how to do them….

A good topic for the college to announce….


In relationships you have to try and be open. You have to do that to have them.

I think that maybe people need to realize this. Most people don’t realize this though.

In other words you have to give them a chance. Most people realize this but when it

comes to doing it it seems so hard for them. That is the only way though I do believe.



Some important issues to work on are the Israel situation, maybe to write letters of support

to people over there doing work to help the people.

the war

China taking jobs (recent)

cutting waste campaigns (look for sites)

government money should be used in education training programs, animal caretaking projects, ministry support

helping immigrants get their rights to live here or to be taken back.

ways to help people by missions to mail or take letters to those that have been affected by the disasters like to write letters of support

in places like Korea and Iraq.


Activism is a way to help people by acting to support a cause. Most of the time it is a cause

related to rights or important local issues. It can also be a worldwide issue. It depends

on the activist’s choice. Activism is a good way to meet people and work with them on

the same issues you are concerned with. I think that we need more activists.

What to do:

With activism, you can choose any topic that needs to be worked on and you

can help that cause by signing petitions for it, and also by sending them to

friends and family. Some other things you can do about it, are research it and

write letters to your Governors to gain support for that issue. It takes some

research but it is worth it in some cases.

Also, you can support a cause by building your own network. I think that

is a neat thing to do.

God bless and peace be with you.

About a fun life experience I had….

When I was younger, I was 13 at the time; I had met a person and I got to know

them. I had fun and the minute I walked up to the person, I felt like they were

an old friend. I don’t know why it seemed like that. (=

It was a good day though. I went up to this person and said what’s wrong like I

thought there was something wrong or something. I guess there may have  been.

The person said no, nothing  I remember. Then I hugged him, her it is a good memory.