Relationships song

I thought of love as being more serious and then more lighthearted. I wanted to give you these ideas. For the people that are more serious when they fall in love, I thought of this

I look to you, I notice the look on your face. You are serious enough. It draws me even closer to you. You need it, now I know.
beat, beat baby. beat my heart. You know sometimes a little serious is good. I like to hold your hand. Just like you have my memory. Even though serious, you are mine.
The next idea I got for a more lighthearted person would be….
Like a child, you hold me. just like a child. So bubbly, looking at you can make me calm.
I know it’s all you babe. You would just make me watch you. Come on and let me know when to
love, when to smile. I’m with you, you know.

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