Relationships song

I thought of love as being more serious and then more lighthearted. I wanted to give you these ideas. For the people that are more serious when they fall in love, I thought of this

I look to you, I notice the look on your face. You are serious enough. It draws me even closer to you. You need it, now I know.
beat, beat baby. beat my heart. You know sometimes a little serious is good. I like to hold your hand. Just like you have my memory. Even though serious, you are mine.
The next idea I got for a more lighthearted person would be….
Like a child, you hold me. just like a child. So bubbly, looking at you can make me calm.
I know it’s all you babe. You would just make me watch you. Come on and let me know when to
love, when to smile. I’m with you, you know.

My friend’s Life Story Proj. Micah, Kaylen and Josef. continue later….

These are dedicated to my friend’s life story projects I want to work on. (I need to talk to them about it to get ideas.

My friend Josef’s Story Proj.

When I was sixteen, I met a guy named Josef. He went to school with me for awhile. He asked me out and we started talking. He wasn’t a Christian, I was and he would listen to me when I would talk about Jesus though. He was a good friend of mine. He liked the movie Ghost Ship and also stuff about ghost houses. He would say “lets go to a ghost house.”

(My brother) Ryan’s Life Story Project….

Here are some neat facts about my brother.  When I tried to clean his room for him and he would always mess it back up. I tried though. He loved to play games mostly fighting. We had a stereo and we would listen to Classic Rock and dance with ribbons and jump up and down a lot. His favorite song was “Tough Guys” and “The Who”

I liked Paul Revere and Raiders, and The Grassroots. Also ELO or Electric Light Orchestra.



My Grandparents Life Story Project….

I have been with my blood grandparents for all of my life.

When my grandparents were younger, they were married a few times. My grandma’s first husband was a truck driver. She and him both lived by a railroad when they were married. She had two kids. My mom (Patricia) and my uncle (Anthony).

My Friend Sam’s Story….

My friend Sam is my best friend and she was when she was younger. I met her when I was ten. We were in fourth grade at the time we met. We both were smart. We would watch a lot of movies together. She always had a good sense of style. She was always changing her hair color. Some of her goals were to become a pharmacist and also to be









She got older and then became pregnant. She had a girl and a boy. The girl was named Delilah.






….. cont later

My Mom’s Story Project….

When my mom was younger, she was in a few movies. She sang for the Parent Trap movie. I know my mom was a good student. She helped people to learn and she enjoyed kids. My mom helped kids in school and in Sunday School also. My mom liked to traveled almost all across the United States. She enjoyed making blankets. She had a brother that was a year younger. She also liked to be outside. I also know that she liked to read literature books. She enjoyed mysteries and plays.

Some other stuff….

I have a Business Certificate. I also got on the Honor Roll when I was younger.


My Sylvester was a teacher I had and she sang “My Country Tiss Of Thee” in the morning.

I had a teacher in 8th grade and she had a reading class. She taught us what good books were about. I remember she had a cat clock with Garfield on it. She would let me help clean some after school . I would sweep and dust; sometimes clean the boards. Her name was M.S. Melot.


I helped my mom plant some flowers this year. Also, I helped vote on a community project to help cancer patients with excercise to heal from their’ cancer. It was really neat. The YMCA was having a big thing for them. continue later….


Some of my life experiences have been meeting my first love at sixteen. I believe in being a Christian. This guy wasn't he was a
good friend of mine. My middle name is Katyellen. That's a neat fact about me. I like to work with computers. I enjoy data entry.
My aunt and uncle stay in Kansas now. 

Some facts about me....

I like to play dominoes, and chinese checkers. Also, there is a neat game I like to play called pick-up sticks.

I actually won a game called the genious quiz.

I like to think about my childhood a lot. I was always outside with my brother.

I liked to read even when I was young. I enjoyed pop music. Especially the older ones. My favorite song was by Ciara, called 1-2 step. Also, I
liked Hilary Duff and a band called Plus One.

My best friends in school were two girls and one guy. Named Nika and I enjoyed reading a neat story about a group of people that were in
a boat together. They got stuck or something. I had another about a cat that was trying to catch a fish. It was very sweet. 

I also had one about kids that were making a boat or some kind of wood sculpture. I liked to read that book.

I enjoyed catching fireflies with a net I got one year.

My mom had a honeysuckle bush in the backyard and she used it as a clothesline.

I made a huge mud puddle during the summer and I would use a chalkboard to slide on it.


Me and my brother would play games. I would watch him a lot when he played them. 

My favorite class was in the 8th grade. My teacher was reading a book series with us
called The Face On the Milk Carton.

My friend would always watch cartoons, even when she was older. She liked a show
called Kim Possible and also Edd, Edd N Eddy. She and I would watch movies sometimes.

School memories and teachers....
I have achieved a Business certificate recently. I was on the Honor Roll in school. My first grade teacher was named
M.S. Sylvester. She taught English and Writing mostly. She sang "My Country Tis of Thee" to us every morning. In eighth
grade, I had a teacher named M.S. Melot that taught reading skills. She was a good reader. I remember she had a neat Garfield clock
in her room. She would let me help often when she cleaned her room. I helped her sweep and dust it mostly. Also, I cleaned
the board for her. 
My mom ended up giving me some literature books she had. I have two or three
of the now<span style="line-height:21px;">I have two or three of them now. I used to write a lot of creative writing papers. 
When I first fell in love.
When I first fell in love, I was sixteen.I was able to talk to the guy easily. I think for some reason, both of us could talk freely about things Both of us are still friends from about four years ago. He likes
to talk about ghost houses. He's a sweet person, he has autism, but he still relates pretty well. He enjoyed playing a game called Caslevania. I think a neat
game from what he tells me. (When I was 18 and 19) I was a lot more into human rights stuff. Those two years. I mostly sent letters to soldiers and I signed health
petitions and they were set up to help research cures for diseases and disabilities. The other things that I could do to help human rights issues was to sign petitions
 to release those that were persecuted for human rights and religion things. Some sites also had cards that you could sign and send to support poor children that are
 being advocated for. I also got some neat missions books. One was a guy that got married and started going overseas to do mission work. The others were mostly
stories about Christians witnessing. I also found some neat prayer sites.</span>&nbsp;<br><br>A Friend Is Always Good....<br><span class="Apple-tab-span" style=
"white-space:pre;">		</span>My first real best friend I would say met me at school in 4th grade. Her name is Sam, her initials. I asked her her name I believe.
She was a very smart girl. I was but she was with math. I have since then been good friends with her. She liked to watch cartoons a lot. She had a pretty good sense
of fashion. I remember that she and I would always spend a lot if time visiting together. I liked to watch her put outfits together. I ended up giving her a kitten that my
cat had, and she named it Nemo Jr. after the dad cat. I think that was sweet.&nbsp;In high school, I found a pretty great person called Kaylen. She is a sweet girl. I
ended up meeting her at school. She and I were in a Business class together.&nbsp;<br>I think she was also very smart. She would work with me on my projects a lot.
She would collect pictures of fairies and animals. Also, she liked to paint things. Kaylen and I made and decorated calendars together at school. She was fun to be around, always
 bubbly and laughing enough that she could make me laugh also. I got to go with my friend to a Square Dancing class a year ago in Spring of 2010. I had a lot of fun in the class and we got to  
take pictures together before it started. I enjoyed going with her. Her sister took a painting class. They made a horse and a tiger beside a lion. I thought awww neat is this. 

continued from above life story project....

I was close to my dad, though didn't see him much. We did talk a lot. I thought he was a sweet person. I was in two plays
in Jr. High. One was called "Axe of Murder" and the other was called "Lagooned" 

(The first was about people that were killed and the story went like they were trying to figure out what happened and they
kept on trying to figure out why some things were where they were. In the different scenes. They were trying to figure out
the murders, what was wrong. 

The second play was about a bunch of people stranded on a desert island....
They had a breakdown with their ship. It had a travel agent and a tour guide. I got to be the (Travel Agent.)

I like to help people with essays. I enjoy writing stuff. I could do this with a computer. 

Some other singers that are current that I like are justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. The thing about Justin Bieber is that
he seems a sweet, gentlemanly guy. Lady Gaga has got the body of Machiavelli, and also the mind of Einstein. Gaga is fashionable with
blue and grey hair. She's gorgeous and a great Christian role model. She may still be a virgin, I'm not totally sure.
She's a good advocate for humanity. A loving, caring person. I helped my mom plant flowers this year. I am getting more
into gardening now. 

I got to help Christian Jews recently that live in Israel with their' human rights issues by signing a petition for them. I did
this in the summer of 2011. I had been thinking of how much I wanted to
 help them before that. .............continue later